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Therapy for Trauma in Denver

What happened to you is not the end of your story.

"Trauma affects the entire human organism—body, mind, and brain."
-Bessel van der Kolk

Does it feel like you live your life based on what happened in the past, rather than what is true for you in the present?

Maybe you know  that relationship from 3 years ago is keeping you from having the healthy relationship you long for but you just can’t figure out how to move on.

You may be kept awake by nightmares, or finding it nearly impossible to stay focused and motivated at work.

Perhaps you feel like you somehow naturally attract tragedy and disappointment and it is out of your control.

However that junk from the past is showing up for you, you’re beginning to notice the impact of it in every facet of your life:

  • Relationships: you find that trusting others doesn’t come easy, even for the people who have been with you through the thick of it

  • Work: you fall into one of two extremes… you’re the overachieving perfectionist of your company’s dreams OR you couldn’t muster the motivation to do more than the bare minimum (and barely that) if your life depended on it.

  • Yourself: forget trusting others, you can’t even trust yourself. You walk around with a constant sense of guilt and responsibility for the most random things.

How Trauma Therapy Can Help

It is absolutely possible for something beautiful to grow out of the ashes of your past. 

We can get you there, together.

Trauma therapy can help you do these 4 things:

  • Regain a sense of safety by improving your control of your thoughts, memories, and emotions.

  • Repair trust between yourself, others, and the world around you.

  • Increase your capacity to feel life’s full range of emotions.

  • Find forgiveness and acceptance of your past, so you can break free from what has been holding you captive for so long.

I’ll be your guide through the process, listening to you and your experience so that I can tailor our work to your specific needs. My approach to trauma therapy comes from a place of gentleness and patience: providing the space for you to feel safe and cared for so that you can finally face your past and create your future.

You can heal from your past, and you don't have to do it alone.


Q: What is trauma? A: Simply put, trauma is an upsetting even that was too much, too soon, or too fast for your brain to effectively process. You migh be dealing with trauma if you experience some or all of these symptoms: - Re-experiencing including flashbacks, intrusive thoughts or memories, or nightmares. - Avoidance of reminders (internal or external) of a difficult experience. - Feeling a constant sense of shame or guilt. - Being on high alert or irritable. - Feeling disconnected from people around you.

Q: What is trauma therapy like? A: Trauma therapy usually includes the following process: - Learning skills to calm and soothe your nervous system. - Reprocessing distressing memories so that they no longer cause you problems. - Integrate new insights and beliefs into other areas of your life. EMDR is my go-to for treating trauma. Rest assured, if we work together you'll be a part of the process of identifying an approach that works for you.

Q: What are the next steps? A: If this page sounds all too familiar to you and you’re ready to learn how to let go of the past that has been keeping you stuck, you're ready for trauma therapy. The next best step is to schedule your free consultation with me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Trauma Coping Skill
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