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Sitting by the Lake

Relief for Overwhelmed Women

Break free from anxiety, trauma, and low self-worth with EMDR therapy in Denver.

You remember a time when the constant noise in your head wasn't the norm... but those days feel as distant as dial up internet.

Your inner monologue gaslights you more than anyone else does...

“I feel worthless if I’m not being productive.”  

“There’s no reason for me to be so anxious all the time.” 

“I’m probably making too big a deal out of this.”

“I’m such a burden to my friends and family.”

The overthinking never ends and manifests in all sorts of ways...

Muscle tension that has your massage therapist recommending weekly sessions.

A Class Pass history full of restorative yoga classes and still no idea how to relax.

The sense you are always behind no matter how much you get done or how successful you are.

Good news! 

Life doesn't have to stay this way.

Hey, I'm Holly,

and I see you.

I help overwhelmed women overcome anxiety, trauma, and low self-worth. My clients walk away from therapy with me feeling confident in their ability to cope with uncomfortable emotions,  and with an understanding of how their past impacts them.

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EMDR Therapist Denver
Enjoying Nature



Learn the tools you need to manage stressors so you can enjoy your life.


Let go of negative self-talk and discover what self-compassion feels like.


Work through past traumas with the help of a therapist you can trust.


What happened back then does not have to keep bothering you today.

How It Works

01. Schedule your free consultation.

Self-schedule your free 15-minute consultation today. I’ll answer any questions you have and you can be sure we’re a good fit.

02. Uncover what’s stuck that’s causing yuck.

Join me each week to unpack what’s been keeping you stuck. Together, we’ll develop the tools you need to thrive.

03. Feel calm and confident in your life.

You’ll see yourself more clearly, and you’ll be ready to take steps forward toward a life you love.

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You can break the chains of self-doubt and overwhelm and you don’t have to do it alone.

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